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This section is dedicated to supporting volunteers who undertake umpiring roles; that is umpires, umpire coaches and umpires managers. We also provide details of umpire training courses and presentations on best practice and resources for umpires.

If you’re reading this page, the chances are you’re either an accredited umpire or you are interested in becoming one. Whether you are a complete beginner or have lots of experience, we hope you will find what you’re looking for here and if you don’t, then please contact us for further assistance.

Umpiring hockey is a challenging and rewarding experience. To do it well, you need to be fit, you need to be a good ‘people manager’ and you need to be fair and honest. In addition it is important that you have good communication skills, understand the game technically, tactically and last but not least, you need to know the rules of the game. If you think you have these qualities and would like to know more, click on any one of the many downloads linked to these pages and find out how to get involved.

This page contains comprehensive information on the subjects listed below.

Umpiring Award Structure

Guernsey has a growing number of umpires who give up their free time to support the growth of hockey in the Bailiwick. Guernsey’s umpires all receive accreditations based on the England Hockey Umpiring Awards system.

Umpire awards

The Umpiring Awards are:

Young Umpire Award
The perfect start. A three step (bronze, silver and gold) introduction to hockey’s rules and umpiring all delivered in a fun and interesting way. Suitable for young people of 8-13 years. Able to be delivered in schools and junior clubs.

Foundation Umpire Award
Suitable for young people of over 13 years and all adults with limited experience of hockey. This highly popular Award can be delivered in schools and clubs. It can also be attained as a module within the England Hockey Leadership Award.

Level 1 Umpire Award
This is the passport to umpire all England Hockey adult club competitions and local /county level leagues. It’s made up of 3 key parts – a classroom based presentation of approximately 4 hours (usually delivered in 2 sessions and finishing off with an examination paper). This session involves a group of candidate umpires consider the detail of the required umpiring skills and the Rules of Hockey are explained and demonstrated in depth. Next come the practice games which are independently organised and finally, when the candidate umpire feels they are ready to complete, comes the assessment game at the end.

Level 2 Umpire Award
This is an accreditation for those who umpire in the regional programmes inclusive of any regional leagues and tournaments (inclusive of junior tournaments) and the later rounds of national competitions (e.g. Round 3 of the National Cup etc).

Level 3 Umpire Award
This is an accreditation for those who umpire in the national programme including the Slazenger EHL (English Hockey League) and the National Tournament Finals and Championships.

National Umpire
This is the highest level of accreditation available to umpires in England and it is awarded only to those who are appointed to the premier divisions of the Slazenger EHL.

In addition to these Awards, there is a very special band of accreditations awarded to those who umpire international hockey. The International Hockey Federation (FIH) offers three levels of accreditation to the high performance umpires who officiate at international competitions. They are:

FIH Umpire
This accreditation is essentially awarded to those umpires who umpire international hockey in their own continent e.g. Europe

FIH Class 1 Umpire(This accreditation is commonly referred to as CROWN UMPIRE)

Awarded to those international umpires who are measured as having the skills and experience to officiate in a neutral capacity at any international tournament or event. Crown umpires are regularly appointed to high level international tournaments in other continents e.g. Asia or Africa.

World Panel Umpire
This is the real ‘top of the pile award’ and it is given only to those measured as being of the quality to umpire at world level events including the World Cup and the Olympic Games. To be a World Panel Umpire is the greatest honour a hockey umpire can have.

[Source: description of umpiring award scheme as per website – Oct 2007]

Umpire Resources:
For the convenience of the umpires in Guernsey, there are electronic versions of the standard match report form etc., available on the downloads section of this website.

Rules of Hockey
Click here to read all about new rules for the coming season