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Ladies Hockey Over 35’s Inter-insular

May 22, 2017


Guernsey Ladies Hockey Over 35’s headed off to Jersey Saturday 13th May for its annual Inter-insular. Ali Le Tocq, Team Manager and playing Captain encouraged some of the traveling spectators to play a more active role in the day by asking them to bring hockey sticks!  Unfortunately a few of our regulars were unavailable so this paved the way for a differing squad than intended but did include players with plenty of years of Inter insular experience.

The Jersey squad have been involved in regular hockey, travelling to the mainland for Masters Hockey competitions so they were seen as a strong opposition.
After the warm up and team talk the Guernsey ladies were mentally ready for the challenge. Inter insulars brings out the competitive instinct necessary for a strong performance and worthy team spirit.

The first 10 minutes lead to a steady start where both teams were assessing the opposition and being careful not to made mistakes. Slowly the Jersey Team began increasing the pressure and the Guernsey defence were not going to allow any player through without a fight. Philippa Stahelin in her new defence role extended her reach to prevent many forwards advancing. Ali Le Tocq managed a stick shuddering stop on the goal line. Holly Stubbert worked so hard to cover most of the midfield and timed her tackles to perfection so by half time the score remained 0-0.

During the second half forward Debbie Allen and Kirsty Davison managed a spell weaving through the Jersey midfield but the Jersey players outnumbered our attackers and managed to break down the advance. This followed by more attacking play and several opportunities to place the Jersey GK under pressure. However, the advantages of being on home soil did then begin to show. Jersey has a few new younger forwards who were fast on the pitch. They also had a further 4 strong players available from the sidelines who rolled on and off taking onto the pitch advice from one of the two coaches with them. Guernsey, with their included spectators now playing and carrying a couple of injuries had two substitutions who were deciding who can maintain the play to the end of the game. So the Jersey took full advantage and began breaking through the Guernsey defence scoring with a fine goal from Sarah Smith. This was shortly followed by a melee in the defending circle that Jersey managed win by pushing over the goal line to make it 2-0.

Jersey continued to force its way through in the last 20 minutes of the match. Rolling on fresh legs and applying new approaches to seek out the small spaces into the Guernsey defence led to further successes and a final score of 4-0.  Credit must be awarded also to the Guernsey team who maintained a strong performance and kept the game open until well into the second half. The 13th of the month did prove an unlucky day for us this year.

Watch out Jersey the match will be on our soil next year and we will ensure a full squad and allow once more the spectators to enjoy the match sat in one of our stadium seats.

Congratulations to the Guernsey squad members who played with enthusiasm and kept spirits high right up until the final whistle. Players were Ali Le Tocq (Manager and Captain), Collette Falla, Philippa Stahelin, Holly Stubbert, Mandy Damarell, Sarah Millard, Kirsty Davison, Debbie Allen, Michelle,Gilson, Juliette Boutsfield, Rachel Sykes, Emma Curtis, Kath Guille. Finally special thanks to the umpire and token male, Peter Stahelin.